Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film
Bibliografie des Fantastischen Films
Bibliography of Fantastic Film
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Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

The subject index of the "Bibliography of Fantastic Film" includes literature and music titles. Clicking on an index item will produce the related literature list. The number of entries for each subject (except for reference terms) is added in <brackets>.

The subject index is bilingual. You can choose between the English and the German version.

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german subject index: c

1C.O.R.E. [Firma] <3>
2Cabal (Literatur) <1>
3CaféFX [Firma] <2>
4California Motion Picture Corporation [Firma] <1>
5Camelot <> Artus-Sage
6Cannes <39>
7Canterbury Tales, The (Literatur) <3>
8Canticum fratris solis vel laudes creaturarum (Literatur) <2>
9Cantina Creative [Firma] <2>
10Capital T [Firma] <1>
11Caprice in Purple and Gold (Kunst) <1>
12Carbuncle Cartoons [Firma] <1>
13Cardiff <4>
14Carmilla (Literatur) <5>
15Caroloco [Firma] <1>
16Carrie (Literatur) <1>
17Cartoon <> Animation: Cartoons
18Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The (Literatur) <1>
19Casino Royale (Literatur) <1>
20Casting the Runes (Literatur) <1>
21Castle of Otranto, The (Literatur) <4>
22Catcher in the Rye, The (Literatur) <1>
23Cats (Musik) <1>
24Cattolica <> International Mystery Film Festival Cattolica (Myfest)
25CBS <6>
26Celle qui n’etait plus (Literatur) <2>
27Ceylon <> Sri Lanka
28CFC (Computer Film Company) <1>
29CGF [Firma] <1>
30CGI <> Technik: Computer
31Changes, The (Literatur) <2>
32Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The (Literatur) <1>
33Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Literatur) <2>
34Charlie Chan <6>
35Chassidismus <> Religion: Juden
36Chex [Firma] <1>
37Chile <6>
38Chimney Pot [Firma] <1>
39China <220>
40Christentum <> Religion
41Christmas Carol, A (Literatur) <11>
42Christmas Films [Firma] <1>
43Christov Effects [Firma] <1>
44Chronicles of Narnia, The (Literatur) <15>
45Cinar [Firma] <1>
46Cinderella <> Aschenputtel
47Cinemascope <39>
48Cinesite [Firma] <26>
49CIS Hollywood [Firma] <4>
50Clearcut FX [Firma] <1>
51Cleopatra <12>
52Clermont-Ferrand <3>
53Clockwork Orange, A (Literatur) <13>
54Cloud Atlas (Literatur) <2>
55Club Dumas, El (Literatur) <2>
56Cognac (Stadt) <1>
57Color Purple, The (Literatur) <1>
58Colorado <4>
59Colour Out of Space, The (Literatur) <1>
60Columbia Pictures [Firma] <7>
61Comedia Divina, La (Literatur) <4>
62Comen VFX [Firma] <1>
63Comics <> Animation: Comics
64Company 3 [Firma] <1>
65Compson Appendix, The (Literatur) <1>
66Computer <> Technik: Computer
67Computer Film Company <> CFC (Computer Film Company)
68Conan (Literatur) <2>
69Conan <13>
70Conjure Wife (Literatur) <1>
71Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, A (Literatur) <3>
72contes d’Hoffmann, Les (Musik) <1>
73contes del Graal, Li (Literatur) <1>
74Coraline (Literatur) <1>
75Cos FX [Firma] <1>
76CoSA VFX [Firma] <1>
77CosFX [Firma] <1>
78Cosmesis [Firma] <2>
79Cosmic Frame, The (Literatur) <2>
80Cottbus <2>
81Crabs (Literatur) <1>
82Crafty Apes [Firma] <3>
83Crash (Literatur) <1>
84Crazy Horse [Firma] <4>
85Creature Effects [Firma] <1>
86Cronicle History of Henry the Fifth, The (Literatur) <7>
87CSSR <> Tschechoslowakei
88Cthulu <1>
89Cubica [Firma] <1>
90Cuckoo’s Nest [Firma] <2>
91Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The (Literatur) <3>
92Curse of Chalion, The (Literatur) <1>
93Cutting Edge [Firma] <3>
94Cyberspace <519>
95Cyborgs <> Roboter
Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

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