Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film
Bibliografie des Fantastischen Films
Bibliography of Fantastic Film
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Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

The subject index of the "Bibliography of Fantastic Film" includes literature and music titles. Clicking on an index item will produce the related literature list. The number of entries for each subject (except for reference terms) is added in <brackets>.

The subject index is bilingual. You can choose between the English and the German version.

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1Wahlverwandtschaften, Die (Literature) <1>
2Wales <8>
3Wand, Die (Literature) <2>
4Wanderings of Oisin, The (Literature) <1>
5War <965>
6War of the Worlds, The (Literature) <17>
7War of the Worlds, The (Radio Play) <8>
8Wark Producing [Company] <1>
9Warner Bros. <42>
10Warner Features [Company] <1>
11Washington Square (Literature) <1>
12Watchmen (Comic) <1>
13Way Station (Literature) <1>
14WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) <2>
15We Can Remeber It for You Wholesale (Literature) <1>
16Weimar Republic <> Germany
17Weinstein, Nathan Wallenstein [Pseudonym: West, Nathanael] <1>
18Weirdsville <2>
19Wellington [Town] <1>
20Werewolf <> Wolves
21Werewolf of Paris, The (Literature) <1>
22Westdeutscher Rundfunk <> WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk)
23Western Films <96>
24Weston Woods [Company] <1>
25Weta [Company] <40>
26What Dreams May Come (Literature) <1>
27What Maisie Knew (Literature) <1>
28What You See in the Dark (Literature) <1>
29When Fox Is a Thousand (Literature) <2>
30When the Sleeper Awakes (Literature) <1>
31Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been (Literature) <1>
32Where the Wild Things Are (Literature) <3>
33Whiplash [Company] <1>
34Whiskytree [Company] <4>
35White Russia <> Russia
36Who Goes There? (Literature) <5>
37Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Theatre) <1>
38Wide-Screen Film <> Cinemascope
39Wiesbaden <2>
40William Wilson (Literature) <1>
41William Wilson <1>
42Wind <21>
43Wind in the Willows, The (Literature) <1>
44Windows <23>
45Wings of the Dove, The (Literature) <1>
46Winnie the Pooh (Literature) <1>
47Winter <12>
48Wissenschaftler <> Science
49Witches <> Religion: Witches
50Witiko (Literature) <1>
51Wizard of Oz <11>
52Wolf Man <> Wolves
53Wolke, Die (Literature) <1>
54Wolves <174>
55Woman in White, The (Literature) <2>
56Women <2006>
57Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The (Literature) <39>
58Wood <92>
59Woody Woodpecker <4>
60Word for World is Forest, The (Literature) <1>
61Working Theory of Love, A (Literature) <1>
62World, The (Literature) <1>
63Woyzeck (Literature) <7>
64Wreck <> Ships
65Wunderbare Reisen zu Wasser und Lande, Feldzüge und lustige Abenteuer des Freyherrn von Münchhausen (Literature) <1>
66Wuthering Heights (Literature) <12>
67Wuxia <> Martial Art
Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

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