Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film
Bibliografie des Fantastischen Films
Bibliography of Fantastic Film
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Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

The subject index of the "Bibliography of Fantastic Film" includes literature and music titles. Clicking on an index item will produce the related literature list. The number of entries for each subject (except for reference terms) is added in <brackets>.

The subject index is bilingual. You can choose between the English and the German version.

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1Pacific Data Images [Company] <4>
2Pacific Title Digital [Company] <1>
3Paedagogy <651>
4Painting <> Arts, The
5Pakistan <6>
6Palestine <6>
7Pallinghurst Barrow (Literature) <1>
8Pannonia Studio <4>
9Paradise Lost (Literature) <6>
10Paramount [Company] <18>
11Paranoia <> Madness
12Parfum, Das (Literature) <12>
13Paris <132>
14Parody <> Humor
15Parsifal (Music) <4>
16Parzival (Literature) <5>
17Passing (Literature) <1>
18Passion of New Eve, The (Literature) <1>
19Pathé [Company] <15>
20Peanut FX [Company] <1>
21Peanuts (Comic) <1>
22Peanuts <4>
23Pedagogy <> Paedagogy
24Peer Gynt (Literature) <1>
25Peerless Camera Company [Company] <6>
26Peplum <> History: Ancient Times
27Perceval <10>
28Perceval, le Conte du Graal (Literature) <1>
29Perry Rhodan <2>
30Persephone <3>
31Perth <1>
32Peru <6>
33Pesaro <5>
34Pet Sematary (Literature) <1>
35Peter Pan (Literature) <12>
36Peter Pan (Theatre) <3>
37Peter Pan <28>
38Petit Prince, Le (Literature) <1>
39Pfarrerblock 25487 (Literature) <1>
40Phantom (Literature) <3>
41Phantom of the Opera (Music) <1>
42Phantom of the Opera <1>
43Philippines <20>
44Philosophy <1117>
45Phobia <> Fear
46Phosphene [Company] <1>
47Photography <201>
48Physician, The (Literature) <1>
49Picnic at Hanging Rock (Literature) <1>
50Picture of Dorian Gray, The (Literature) <3>
51Pied Piper of Hamelin <1>
52Pierre or The Ambiguities (Literature) <1>
53Piknik na skraju drogi (Literature) <1>
54Pikovaya dama (Literature) <1>
55Pilgrim’s Progress, The (Literature) <2>
56Pinewood Studios [Company] <2>
57Pink Floyd [Music Band] <1>
58Pinocchio <26>
59Pirats <27>
60Pit and the Pendulum, The (Literature) <2>
61Pittsburgh <4>
62Pixar [Company] <165>
63Pixel Playground [Company] <3>
64Pixomondo [Company] <11>
65Planet of the Apes <2>
66Planète des singes (Literature) <1>
67Plzen <3>
68Point Omega (Literature) <3>
69Poland <72>
70Polar Express, The (Literature) <1>
71Police <23>
72Politics <1409>
73Poltergeist <1>
74Pompeii <5>
75Popeye <12>
76Pordenone <10>
77Pornography <> Sexuality
78Porto <5>
79Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A (Literature) <1>
80Portugal <14>
81Postman Always Rings Twice, The (Literature) <1>
82Postmodern <382>
83Potsdam <19>
84Practical Magic (Literature) <1>
85Prague <36>
86Pranke [Company] <1>
87Prayer siehe Religion <1>
88Pregnant <> Mothers
89Prehistory <> History: Prehistory
90Prestige, The (Literature) <1>
91Prestuplenie i nakazanie [Schuld und Sühne] (Literature) <2>
92Pride and Prejudice (Literature) <1>
93Prime Focus [Company] <9>
94Prison <17>
95Private Detective <> Detectives
96Productions de l’Intrigue, Les [Company] <1>
97Promessi sposi, I (Literature) <1>
98Prometheus <21>
99Proof [Company] <5>
100Propaganda <> Politics
101Prostitution <21>
102Protestantism <> Religion
103Prozeß, Der (Literature) <20>
104Psychiatry <> Psychology
105Psycho (Literature) <7>
106Psycho Killer <> Murder
107Psychoanalysis <> Psychology
108Psychology <1351>
109Pubis angelical (Literature) <1>
110Puchon [South Korea] <6>
111Puerto Rico <2>
112Punk <110>
113Pupil <> Paedagogy
114Puppet Masters, The (Literature) <1>
115Puppets <> Animation: Puppets
116Purgatory <> Religion
117Purloined Letter, The (Literature) <2>
118Pyrotechnic siehe Technology: Special Effects <1>
Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

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