Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film
Bibliografie des Fantastischen Films
Bibliography of Fantastic Film
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Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

The subject index of the "Bibliography of Fantastic Film" includes literature and music titles. Clicking on an index item will produce the related literature list. The number of entries for each subject (except for reference terms) is added in <brackets>.

The subject index is bilingual. You can choose between the English and the German version.

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german subject index: d

1Da Vinci Code, The (Literatur) <12>
2Dadaismus <37>
3damnation de Faust, La (Musik) <1>
4Dämonen <154>
5Dänemark <40>
6Daosimus <> Religion: Daoismus
7Dark Castle Entertainment [Firma] <1>
8Dark Night, The (Literatur) <1>
9Darmstadt <3>
10Day of the Locust, The (Literatur) <2>
11Day of the Triffids, The (Literatur) <1>
12DC Comics [Firma] <4>
13DDR <> Deutschland
14DDT Efectos Especiales [Firma] <3>
15De cuando en cuando Saturnina - Una historia oral del futuro (Literatur) <1>
16Dead, The (Literatur) <3>
17Deadly City (Literatur) <2>
18Death of a Salesman (Literatur) <1>
19Decamerone, Il (Literatur) <1>
20Decla-Bioscop [Firma] <4>
21DEFA <48>
22Del-Del (Literatur) <1>
23Delft <4>
24Deliah <> Samson und Deliah
25Deliverance (Literatur) <2>
26Deluge (Literatur) <1>
27Demeter <3>
28Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken (Literatur) <1>
29Despair (Literatur) <1>
30Desperate Hours, The (Literatur) <1>
31Desperation (Literatur) <1>
32Detektive <126>
33Detsu nôto Comic <1>
34Deutschland <1323>
35Devil and Daniel Webster, The (Literatur) <1>
36Devil Rides Out, The (Literatur) <1>
37DFilm Services [Firma] <1>
38Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, The (Literatur) <1>
39Dick Tracy <7>
40Different Seasons (Literatur) <1>
41Digiscope [Firma] <1>
42Digital <> Technik: Computer
43Digital Arts and Television [Firma] <1>
44Digital Dimension [Firma] <1>
45Digital Domain [Firma] <46>
46Digital Magic [Firma] <1>
47Dimension Films <3>
48Dino Park (Literatur) <2>
49Dinosaurier <123>
50Disney <1154>
51Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Literatur) <1>
52Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Literatur) <35>
53Doc Savage <1>
54Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights (Literatur) <1>
55Dogma Filme <7>
56Doktor <> Krankheit
57Doktor Caligari (Theater) <1>
58Dokumentarfilm <239>
59Dominikanische Republik <1>
60Don Post Studio [Firma] <1>
61Don’t Look Now (Literatur) <1>
62Donald Duck <12>
63Doppelgänger <133>
64Dornröschen <5>
65Double Negative [Firma] <44>
66Dr. Cyclops (Literatur) <2>
67Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde <28>
68Dr. Mabuse <32>
69Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler (Literatur) <4>
70Drac Studios [Firma] <1>
71Drachen <56>
72Dracula (Literatur) <65>
73Dracula <> Vampire
74Dracula’s Guest (Literatur) <1>
75Dream Quest Images [Firma] <16>
76DreamWorks <53>
77drei Räuber, Die (Literatur) <1>
783-D-Filme <205>
79Dreigroschenoper (Musik) <1>
80Dresden <25>
81Drittes Reich <> Faschismus
82Drogen <31>
83Dschinn <3>
84Dschungel <60>
85DTS Digital Images [Firma] <1>
86Dublin <2>
87Dubliners, The (Literatur) <2>
88Dune (Literatur) <4>
89Düsseldorf <25>
90DVD <1951>
91Dystopie <> Utopie
Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

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